About Asbestos X Files

Many people didn't know about what the asbestos is, even in fact this material is so dangerous. Including some of a product, that's right, some product such as the crayon for kids contained asbestos.

This site will talk more about the home and building materials, specially on asbestos things.

What I want to get from creating this blog is, let people people 100% know that the asbestos can/will hurt their healthy.

Some of you may ask that this is not an interesting topic, but believe Me, when asbestos attacking, then you'll know that its worth to learn early.

Asbestos X files will share continuously about the danger material news and information, so just keep follow the blog post and I am happy to share with you guys. I will also fell happy if someone (maybe you) want to share about the experiences to us.

Just keep remember that I don't have so many times to write it done to this blog, but I am happy to share something important to my reader.

Thank You and keep aware.

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