Hi, welcome to the Asbestos X Files blog

Hi guys and welcome to the asbestos x files blog, well this blog is not a big and not a popular blog about asbestos information, but i try to give the most important things that related to the asbestos information. I would like to say thank you first to everyone who helped building this blog, so thank you so much friends. That's is for the first content, i will update this post latter.

I create this blog because i want to share about the dangerous things about asbestos and related to this. Asbestos is one of the most popular building material which widely used by many people in the world. Why asbestos dangerous? it's because asbestos contained some material that can damage your organ.

Mesothelioma and lung disease (asbestos cancer) has taken lot of victims and we have to stop it!

damaged by asbestos

Not all the people understand about the danger of asbestos, so we have to teach them about it. Please check your home from asbestos material and clean it up! but CALL professional first because it can hurt you for serious!